World Help is working to open a home in Pattaya, Thailand to rescue girls out of the sex industry. The home will focus on prevention by providing an alternative for girls who are pressured to work in the sex industry. Girls will live in a family-style atmosphere that models the love of Jesus Christ. Additionally, their education or vocational training will be fully funded. 

Each life saved represents future generations that will never have to enter this industry, breaking the cycle once and for all. Hundreds of girls will be impacted each year once this program is open and running in Pattaya.

Just four decades ago, Pattaya was little more than a quiet fishing village. During the Vietnam War, tens of thousands of U.S. Soldiers sought rest and relaxation on Pattaya’s idyllic beaches – and with their women. The soldiers left, but the sex industry continued. Today, the number of sex workers in Pattaya is estimated to be as high as 50,000. Pattaya is home to every sort of sexual exploitation – transgender bars, clubs where young boys are on display, and strip clubs that sell Russian, African, and Thai girls to the highest bidder. Just two years ago, children as young as five or six were openly prostituted on the beach.

The darkness in Pattaya is great…but we have the opportunity to provide these women a second chance.

Mortgage: $250,000

Living expenses for the first year: $50,000


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